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First impression

Salsa is a very groovy beat, that begins with a cool bassline. This bassline plays through the whole track. After 2 bars there is a marimba playing the top melody. This top melody gives the beat a very unique sound.


Special about this instrumental are the vocals chants. They are coming all over the track and make this beat very unique. They make the track interesting and


This instrumental is perfectly made for artists like Tyga , G Eazy or Tory Lanez

Good for

This beat is perfectly for going to the clubs with it. You can definitely dance to it and spit some hot verses and melodies over it. It gives the artist enough space to let their creativity flow.


After all it is a very well produced beat and you can dance to it. This instrumental makes every party move and if you make a song with it, you can easily make a hit.


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