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First impression

The first impression is that this beat is very straight. The drums are bouncing and push the beat forwards. On top of the drums is a melody that stuck in your head.


Special about this beat is that its made out of three melodies and they were just time stretched. But these melodies fit perfectly together and give the beat a special vibe.


This beat is perfect for artists like Young Thug or Juicy J .

Good for

Compton is perfect for rappers. The beat has a steady groove to it and the melody is not overwhelming. It gives the artist space, and as we know, that is important. But this instrumental has also a huge amount of power and pushes hard.


After all, it is a great instrumental. You can do whatever you want to it and it will sound good. The beat itself is pleasing to the ears and with some vocalsover it it will become even more to life.


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