About Us


The incomparable fruity taste of a sun-ripened melon cannot be compared with any other fruit in terms of texture and juiciness. Its complex composition, consisting of sweetness, freshness and other aromas makes it a perfect creation of Mother Nature. FruityBeatz’s compositions are just as natural as the fruit itself. The fresh cocktail of 808’s, claps, hi-hat rolls and the richest kicks, with a breeze nexus, is her own recipe. Trap is one of FruityBeatz’s many specialties. They are equally at home in the oldschool genre. Be it the good old samples from the record or analog live recorded instruments they use to create a fat boom bap beat. FruityBeatz uses a wide spectrum of inspiration. The addition of two different characters also makes the unique sound of this duo with know-how and esprit. FruityBeatz hits the nerve of the time, as the wicked St. Pauli is their muse. Fresh as a melon.